The training of an illustrator is focused on the working sectors of publicity, publishing, design and animation as a part of a work team or as a freelance professional.

During the training the illustrator studies the technical, artistic and stylistic fundamentals to be able to understand a concept and to translate it graphically in the way that best fits with the project profile.

This career takes two academic years and afterwordswritting a tesis and performing practice in a company,with 60 ECTS credits each year and 120 ECTS credits in total.
At the end of the career our students will get the title of Technical specialist which is homologated and it’s recognized in the whole Europe.

Applicants who have completed the GCSE in arts are eligible for direct entry to the first year of Bachelor of Arts. Those who have completed the GCSE in a general high school, in a technology college or a vocational school must pass a specific entrance examination. Applicants older than 19 and with no qualifications must pass a general entry test and a specific entrance examination.

First year

Representation and visual expression basics
History of graphic Image
Traditional graphic techniques
Illustration projectsI
Computer media I
Theory of the image
Spatial representation systems
Graphic expression techniques
Illustration applied drawing I

Second year

Industrial graphic techniques
Graphic expression techniques II
Illustration projects II
Illustration applied drawing II
Integrated project
Training and career guidance