These studies aim to train professional photographers to be able to create and perform aesthetic products.

As well as providing students with the theoretical and technical knowledge of the speciality, the training is designed to foster the student’s analysis capacity to see photographic projects with an original and different point of view.

The training is generally focused on the several expressions of photography: design, publicity, fashion, television report, newspaper article, photo story and artistic photography.

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This career takes two academic years and afterwordswritting a tesis and performing practice in a company,with 60 ECTS credits each year and 120 ECTS credits in total..

After complexion of the Bachelor of Arts, students will be awarded a BA in Photography, which is officially approved and acknowledged in Europe.

Applicants who have completed the GCSE in arts are eligible for direct entry to the first year of Bachelor of Arts. Those who have completed the GCSE in a general high school, in a technology college or a vocational school must pass a specific entrance examination. Applicants older than 19 and with no qualifications must pass a general entry test and a specific entrance examination.

First year

Representation and visual expression basics

History of photography

Photographic technique I

Photography projects I

Computer media I

Theory of the image

Audiovisual technology and language I

Second year

Theory of photography

Photographic technique II

Photography projectsII

Integrated project

Audiovisual technology and language II

Training and career guidance.